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  • Anne Hathaway Owns Creepy Matt Lauer

  • Chelsea Handler recently caught up with the 28-year-old Hathaway, who was in Positano, Italy, enjoying a brief vacation with her boyfriend, Adam Shulman. This followed a whirlwind month in which she served as master of ceremonies at the White Fairy Tale Love Ball at Valentino’s estate, Chateau de Wideville, during couture week in Paris, performed her duties as a member of the wedding party at a friend’s nuptials in Barcelona, and wrapped the London portion of The Dark Night Rises, for which she risks life, limb, and toxoplasmosis to don a series of skin-tight costumes and play Batman’s vixen-ish adversary, Catwoman, in the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s re-booted Batman franchise.

    CHELSEA HANDLER: Where are you?

    ANNE HATHAWAY: I’m in Italy.

    HANDLER: I just came from Venice. I just got back to L.A. yesterday.

    HATHAWAY: Really? I’m in Positano.

    HANDLER: Oh, you’re so lucky. Are you on vacation?

    HATHAWAY: I am. I managed to steal a few days.

    HANDLER: With your lover?

    HATHAWAY: With my man, yes. This is one of my favorite places in the world.

    HANDLER: Isn’t Positano ridiculous?

    HATHAWAY: It’s ridiculous. It kind of reminds me of Southern California, but without strip malls and a bit more charm.

    HANDLER: You can get a good strip mall put in there if it means that much to you.

    HATHAWAY: I’m fighting for it actually. I’m petitioning. I’m like, “Here’s how you get Hollywood in Positano: You need a nail salon and a yogurt place . . . “

    HANDLER: Speaking of which, let’s talk about Jersey. I want to know your thoughts on being from New Jersey, and Jersey Shore, and how you think that show has helped our reputation as Jersey girls.

    HATHAWAY: I think that Jersey Shore is awesome. I’ve gone to Cape May every summer of my life.

    HANDLER: I’m talking about the show, Anne.

    HATHAWAY: I know—I’m getting there. When I first saw the show, I thought, Wow, they are having a very different experience there than my experience in Cape May. I thought the first season of the show was awesome because it was authentic, but I don’t watch it any more because now they know that there’s a camera there. The Situation is totally self-aware. He’s referring to himself as The Situation non-stop. In the episode I saw, his car got towed, and he was like, “We’ve got a situation here, and The Situation is the situation.”

    HANDLER: Did you honestly stop watching though, because you found there were too many similarities between you and Snooki?

    HATHAWAY: Absolutely. I like to watch MTV for escapist pleasure, but when I saw Snooki, I saw my twin. I couldn’t lose myself in the show anymore because there I was.

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    Anne Hathaway Owns Creepy Matt Lauer

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    Anne Hathaway is lost, and it's for a very Anne Hathaway reason. She has gamely volunteered to drive me to the train station after our interview at a cozy café in the middle.

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    Interview Magazine: The Crystal Ball of Pop.  ANNE HATHAWAY: I’m in Italy. HANDLER: I just came from Venice.

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    Готическая Энн Хэтэуэй в Interview. Блогер. 21399 18 августа 2011, 12:13.  ocen lublu anne!!no tut ona nastoyashaia cernaia vdova.

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    Anne Hathaway gets offended during an interview with Chris Van Vliet when he asks about her workout routine to fit into the Catwoman (Selina Kyle).

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    Anne Hathaway gets offended during interview. 2011-08-09 00:542,524,976.  The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Anne Hathaway Interview.

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    Интервью с актрисой Энн Хэтэуэй. Энн Хэтэуэй о счастливом браке и «Отверженных».