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  • Pokemon Academy: An Amourshipping Story Episode 1

  • The Kalos region: a realm of wonder, mystery, and love.  Here in this wonderful region, humans and Pokemon live in harmony, and for a certain young man, the Kalos region is his next step at becoming a Pokemon master.  Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town is travelling with his friends Clemont, Clemont's younger sister Bonnie, his faithful partner Pikachu, and Serena, a girl whom Ash met at summer camp years ago who has a very big crush on him.  While he doesn't show it, Ash feels the same way about Serena, but both are afraid to express how they feel, for fear of rejection, until one day changed all of that.
    Our heroes are now traveling on the road towards Snowbelle City, the site of Ash's eighth and final gym battle before he can enter the Kalos League.  Serena is also excited as she's just received word that there is going to be a Pokemon-showcase in Snowbelle City as well, giving her the opportunity to win her 3rd and final princess key to qualify for the showcase master-c
    Ash and Serena's wedding
    It had been over a week since Team Flare had been defeated, but the damage they inflicted on Lumiose City was still evident.  Buildings were still torn in pieces from Zygarde's vines and rubble lay all over the street.  However, the one building that escaped the fate of the rest of the city was a small church.  And it was on this beautiful day that two young people take the next step in the adventure of life.
    Serena was twirling around, making sure that her dress was flawless, while Ash was adjusting his tie and tuxedo.  Even though they were separated, it seemed liked they were thinking the exact same thought (I can't believe I'm marrying Ash/Serena).  Eventually it was time for the ceremony.  Ash stood at the end of the aisle, awaiting the music and his future wife.  In the crowd was Delia, his mother; Gary and his fiancee, Dawn; Tracey and Misty, who had been married for about a year; Grace, Serena's mother; as well as an assortment of other people
    "One sure thing in the world of trophies is that true power is never gained from bullying, bragging or picking fights. These types of actions will bring you to ruin and you will never be happy. That is what Mario told me - oh by the way my name is Ash Ketchum. I just recently joined the Smashers, unfortunately I wasn't there to help them take on the Subspace Army, but that's not what I'm here to talk to you about. What Mario said to me was true, it came from a real life experience; an experience that still troubles me even to this day.
    It was when I had just gotten away from Team Rocket, thanks to a very grumpy Bowser falling into one of their pitfall traps.  Pikachu, my girlfriend Serena, and I were talking and laughing about how Team Rocket was very unlucky because Bowser had fallen into one of their pitfall traps. As we continued walking I was thinking about when I had won my first smash battle against Mario and Luigi with my Pikachu and my newly caught Lucario, I was so happy.
    Pokemon: Old Friends, New Adventures! (Chapter 10)
    Sylveon sitting peacefully in her lap, one of its ribbons wrapped around her arm, Serena sat in the back seat of Lillie's car, Mallow and Lana beside her.
    "I'm so excited for this sleepover! I'm glad that you could come Serena!" Mallow exclaimed, clasping her hands together in excitement.
    Serena looked over at the green-haired girl and grinned. "I'm glad too," she smiled.
    "You sure you packed enough?" Lana asked, seriously concerned for the honey-blonde girl's sanity, as she leaned over to see the giant pink duffle bag that was placed next to Serena.
    Serena laughed. "No, I think I might have underpacked," she joked, trying to put on a straight face.
    Lillie twisted around to face Serena from where she was seated on the other side. "We're not far now. We'll be there in a few more minutes."
    "Thank goodness! I don't think I can wait much longer!" Mallow said, bouncing up and down in her seat. "I can't wait! I'm just soooooooooo excited! This is seriously going to be the best sleepover ever
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    Don't Give Up -- Chapter 4 -- Amourshipping
        Chapter Four
        One year since the war began:
        “I know you’re missing your wife and all, but I really don’t think a Lucario is your type–”
        “Shut up B-blake,” Ash growled, eyes pressed shut in concentration. His brow was knitted close together, lips twitching. Both of his hands were wrapped around Lucario’s paws, who had her eyes closed as well. Her aura sensors were spread out, a blue glow surrounding their hands. “It’s n-not f-funny.”
        Blake cracked a grin, leaning up against a tree. “Of course, but if someone were to come by they might get the wrong idea–”
        “Lucario said she’s g-going to give you an Aura Sphere to the gut if y-you don’t shut up,” Ash growled, he and Lucario pressing foreheads, a blue glow forming beneath their c
    "Where is everybody?  Where did you all go?"  Serena had only turned her back for a second and before she knew it, her group was gone.  The 7 year old golden blonde girl was dressed in a big straw hat with a pink bow tied around it, as well as a pink summer dress with pink shoes.  She'd been brought to Professor Samuel Oak's Lab to attend his Pokemon Summer Camp, albeit against her will.
    To tell the truth, Serena liked Pokemon, but she just wasn't comfortable with being in the outdoors.  No, she considered herself a city girl and the idea of camping was alien to her.  As she looked around, the bushes in front of her suddenly rustled.  "AAAHHHH!"  She turned to run, but tripped and fell hard to the forest floor, hurting her right knee.  "OHHH," was all she whimpered as she looked at the bush in fear, wondering what would come out.  "POLI," came a voice, as a Poliwag jumped out.  The tadpole Pokemon looked around then looke
    Don't Give Up -- Chapter Three -- Amourshipping
        He was gone.
        Ash was gone.
        Serena found herself staring at Ash’s ship as it grew smaller and smaller, sailing away towards Kalos. Sylveon was pressed up against her, trying to provide some comfort, and also attempting to seek it herself.
        “C-come on Serena,” Dawn said quietly, her neighbor wrapping an arm around Serena. “There’s nothing left for us here.”
        Serena’s eyes flickered towards Dawn, whose eyes were red from crying. Serena’s were still watering, her sorrow being drawn from an endless well.
        “...They’re gone...” Serena whispered, wrapping Rosemira close to her.
        “I kn-know...” Dawn muttered back, voice shaky. “But we get n-nothing by staying here. Let’s go Serena, our children will... will get sunburned if we stay out here much long
    11JJ1162AmourCanonWeek2017 Sorpresa Parte 2Damany73018AmourCanonWeek2017 Sorpresa Parte 1Damany73610
    Don't Give Up - Chapter Two - Amourshipping Fic
        Ash looked down at the orange Pokemon at his heels, who was uncertainly pawing at his long tail. The bright yellow lightning-shaped end twitched, causing the Raichu to jump back uncertainly. He stared at his own tail for a moment, before pawing at his ears in frustration.
        “Hey...” Ash said, kneeling down next to the Raichu. “It’s okay Pika– Raichu... You’re doing just great buddy...”
        “Chu!” Raichu snapped– which was the only sound he made that was familiar. Ash had never thought that he’d live to see his faithful starter evolve into a Raichu, but here they were. It had been sometime since he had evolved, but still the little Pokemon wasn’t use to his new form. Raichu looked down as his large paws, wincing at the brown and orange fur.
        All Pokemon that accompany soldie
    Don't Give Up - Chapter One - Amourshipping Fanfic
    Summary: Ash and Serena Ketchum are soon-to-be parents, happily married and living in Pallet Town. But when a war breaks out between their home regions, Ash finds himself being drafted for a war he doesn't wish to fight in. This story follows Ash's physical struggles as he attempts to survive a deadly war in order to return home to his family, and Serena's emotional trials as she tries to raise a daughter alone in a region that despises her for simply being Kalos-born.
         “...The death toll of the Sevii Islands continues to rise as rescuers search through the rubble of the archipelago. The Kalosian bombing from four days ago has left few survivors on the Kantonian islands, however evacuations are still in place...”
        Serena felt her gut twisting as she watched the news– though she had heard the same story over and o
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    AmourShipping Fanfic(Lemon I guess)
    The day began slowly as serena made her way to the kitchen. Ash was still asleep and as far as serena knew Clemont and Bonnie were to. Serena and ash had been sleeping in the same room as Bonnie recovered from her so called nightmares of Clemont actually finding a girlfriend to take care of him, but serena knew what was actually happening.  Serena thought she would make breakfast for ash because he had been up so late training the night before.  I made him some waffles and some poke puffs for pikachu.  Serena thought she would begin leaving more and more hints of her secret that almost everyone knew about, except the one she wanted to know. Something had to change, it couldn't stay like this, it was hurting Serena mentally.  So serena decided to make a nice letter for him to read so she could get some releif. Once serena finished writing the letter she carefully folded it and placed it under the orange juice and carried it upstairs, careful not to wake up the unwant
    Love is Eternal (Amourshipping One-shot)
    A/N: So italics mean its a memory/dreams and  *** means that its a time skip, which will usually be a few years, or months. The whole one-shot is from Serena's POV. Enjoy!
    Slowing moving aside the loose panel of wood, Serena peered beyond the fence into Mr Ramos' backyard. Her eager blue eyes scanned the greenery for a small spot of red. She bit her lip in frustration.
    "How am I supposed to get our ball back now?" the eight-year old girl whispered.
    The raven-haired boy beside her shrugged, and gave her a toothy grin. "How about you keep watch, and I go over and find it?" he suggested. Serena shook her head. "Who knows what Mr Ramos will do to you if he finds you in his garden!"
    Ash frowned, and pushed in next to Serena to get a better look of the garden. "Hey, where is the old guy anyways? He is usually always in his garden..." he murmured. <

    Pokemon Academy: An Amourshipping Story Episode 1

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    This story follows Ash's physical struggles as he attempts to survive a deadly war in  Journal. AmourShipping Fanfic(Lemon I guess). The day began slowly as serena made.

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