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  • Cristiano Ronaldo paquera Margot Robbie no Instagram?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has been caught insta-stalking Margot Robbie and everyone is freaking out because heck, it’s so normal.

    The Soccer Superstar appears to have developed a bit of a crush on the Aussie actress (as you do), liking four of her photos at midnight, and considering he only follows 37 people, it’s a pretty big deal.

    One of Cristiano’s followers noticed the liking spree in their notifications page and luckily they took a screen shot because we just need to know these kinda things.

    As soon as fans noticed his social activity, instagram almost broke, with a fans spamming Margot’s instagram comments with “CR7” a nick name for Cristiano, as well as, “You and cristiano look good for each other”, while another wrote “Cristiano Ronaldoooo ♥♥♥” Four likes and they already have a strong shipping.

    While Cristiano can crush and like and double tap all he wants, this little liking spree probably won’t amount to anything, considering that Margot has been dating Assistant Director Tom Ackerlay for almost a year now.

    Cristiano’s currently in Melbourne for the International Champions Cup tour, and will be spending his week doing press events and meet and greets. So assuming that he has a thing for Australian women…F4F @cristiano?

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    Cristiano Ronaldo paquera Margot Robbie no Instagram?

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    21.03.2018 Степанида:
    Images | via Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo, 30, is a world famous soccer player.  See also: cara delevingne called margot robbie a what!?

    25.03.2018 Андрон:
    He had a bit of a midnight liking spree on Miss Robbie’s instagram account. Jul 19, 2015 6:46pm. Cristiano Ronaldo has been caught insta-stalking Margot Robbie and everyone is freaking out because heck, it’s so normal.

    19.03.2018 Олимпий:
    Single Cristiano Ronaldo likes Margot Robbies Instagram pics at late night.  Cristiano Ronaldo Appears to Be Thirsting After Actress Margot Robbie On Instagram and Do You Blame Him.

    03.04.2018 Евгений:
    Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been caught out on a midnight Instagram stalking spree. The Real Madrid standout has been discovered liking four of Australian actress Margot Robbie‘s Instagram pictures, starting rumours as to whether he’s hitting on the.

    08.02.2018 Дементий:
    Cristiano Ronaldo su Instagram Margot Robbie.  Margot Robbie responds to wedding rumors by displaying her ring finger on Instagram. ● cray cray skwad 🌸 instagram.

    17.02.2018 tratthercheapbdin:
    Cristiano Ronaldo paquera Margot Robbie no Instagram?  Ella es Margot Robbie, el delirio de Cristiano Ronaldo - Kesto: 2:32. León Roberto Flores Soriano 2 924 näyttökertaa.