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  • Kailani Merizalde Phillippe-KnapP commonly known as Kai Knapp. Her parents are famous personalities .Her mother is a actress and singer Alexis Knapp and her father is a Ryan Phillippe is a actor , director and writer . She does not have her own siblings but has half-siblings , one sister Ava Elizabeth Phillippe and one brother Deacon Reese Phillippe who are the kids from her father first marriage.

    In 2010 , Kai Knapp parents had a affair . Her mother and father met in the summer of 2010 . Her mother Alexis did not know she was pregnant until they broke up . The couples broke up in September of 2010 . However , Alexis did not deny that it was not his child instead he was with Alexis at the time of delivery .

    Even though having a half-siblings , Kai gets along with them well . Kai even met her half siblings and their mother . In additional , they were present at the time when Kai was being born .

    In 2016 , Kai Knapp is in the age of 5 . Her ethnicity is white and her nationality is American .Kai's net worth is unknown however her father has a net worth of $32 million in 2016 .



    Kai Knapp facts on timeline

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    Kai's Parents had a affair


    In 2010 , after her father Ryan had split his his wife he began dating Alexis Knapp who is a actress and a singer . They met in the summer of 2010 and broke up in the summer of 2010 .Later , Alexis discovered that she was pregnant .


    Kai Knapp was born


    Kai Knapp was born on July 1 , 2011 . Her parents had not been married , they only had a affair . Their parents did not know they were oing to have a child until they broke up . However, her father did not deny she was his child .


    Currently Kai Knapp


    Currently Kai Knapp stays with her mother . They take a cute picture and post it in instagram . She is also close with her half siblings . In 2016 , she is only of 5 years old but we can definately tell by looking at her that she is going to be a beautiful lady .

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    Kai Knapp- our mommy daughter song writing at its finest. 😂

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